A Quick Note About Summer Sun

Sunshine like so many things in life is all about the right amount. Getting sunlight on our bodies has been demonized lately as being purely bad, and only good for getting skin cancer. Yes, true, not good to get a sunburn as that can be painful and definitely increase your risk of skin cancer. Also, too much sun can damage skin and cause “age spots” and make skin leathery over time.

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Hi Friends!

I’m happy to share with you today a few tips and tricks to prevent and treat viral illnesses, including influenza. For some people, prescription medication might be helpful, particularly if the person has severe asthma and other lung conditions, poorly controlled diabetes, and/or neurological problems that make it hard to breath or cough.

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What is a corona virus? It is a type of virus that tends to cause respiratory diseases. One of the less common causes of the common cold is a corona virus. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus from 2002, also starting in China, was a corona virus. Viruses need a host e.g. human being to replicate themselves. They enter a body and hijack cellular machinery for their own benefit to reproduce themselves. Some viruses like influenza, and COVID19 also can effect the functioning of white blood cells and weaken the immune system. This can make a person vulnerable to a secondary infection (another virus or bacteria jumps in). Viruses like corona virus cannot be treated with antibiotics and there are no anti-viral medications for them either.

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Spring is here!  It’s a time for new growth and moving ahead to the new you. This season brings the return of life as green begins to return, blossoms burst with sweet fragrance, and the air is warm.

Do you feel ready to blossom? Ask yourself this: what do you need to nourish and strengthen your whole being and nurture forward motion in this world?  Where do you feel resistance?  Is there anything you can to do to begin to discharge any physical, mental, or emotional toxins that are holding you back?

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