A Note On EAV’s: Emergency Authorized Vaccines for COVID-19

To My Dear Clients and Friends Whom I Care Deeply About,

I am writing to you on a very important topic that many of you have been asking me about. What are COVID-19 vaccines? What are the benefits and risks of them? Is this the only thing we can do for SARS CoV2 related illnesses?

As a physician, I have many ethical and legal obligations to my patients/clients. I took an oath at my medical school graduation in 1988 to protect and care for you and I take this trust very seriously. What I am expressing to you today comes from following good process for decades. At Cornell University, I majored in biologic sciences with a concentration in neurobiology and behavior. As part of my major, I studied the structure and function of the body including cell biology, physiology, genetics, biochemistry, and human and animal behavior. In medical school, I studied these subjects again, as well as microbiology, pathology (the process of disease at the chemical, cellular, organ and body levels), infectious diseases, epidemiology, how to apply the scientific method to understand medical research, and clinical medicine (how to apply all of this in an effective and safe way to real people to keep them healthy and to treat disease states).

I spent three more years in medical residency working in various hospital and office settings in many subspecialty areas of medicine, refining those skills. I even worked through a measles epidemic. I chose to study at high quality institutions with rigorous training and professors who emphasized critical thinking, due diligence (making sure we pay attention and apply the right principles in investigation before coming to conclusions, and applying those conclusions to real people whose lives matter) and high ethics.

I say this to you, so that you understand that is the foundation I stood on before studying this epidemic for the last 12 months. I have studied it at every level; genetics of the virus, infection, disease process, medical and herbal and nutritional treatments, public health recommendations, emergency authorized vaccines, public policy, political policy, etc. I also studied what was happening with my patients, my communities and in the patients and communities of my health professional colleagues across the country. I found much credible evidence as to what we can best understand at every level.

I also found many recommendations given to the public that are contrary to the science and contrary to completely obvious observations I can make by just paying attention to what is going on in my life, my medical practice, my community and the world around me. I say this because my conclusions are based in the due diligence I mention above. They are not based on reports of journalists who have no medical or scientific training, social media sound bites, the opinions of politicians or those of people who may have a vested interest in something other than your health and well being.

You must understand that science is a very methodical process that includes many necessary steps and observations, and well designed experiments that must be interpreted in light of seeking the truth. It is meaningless and pathetic to say one is speaking the truth merely by claiming, “I believe in science.” Science is not cherry picking data to support one’s preconceived idea of what they want to believe. And data is not science when it is incomplete or misrepresented to convince people of something because you have something to gain by it. That is called bias, and the scientific method, when applied correctly, is designed to root out as much bias as possible.

This disease is not what it has been portrayed to be. Not an overwhelming catastrophe for humanity.

Even the CDC has said that only 6% of the people who died with COVID-19, died from COVID-19. The vast majority of the people who died from this disease were either in nursing homes (not able to care for themselves at baseline), in hospice or had one or more very serious or end of life medical issues. Yes, some young people became very ill or even died from this, and that is truly tragic. However, these numbers are neither very high nor even at the levels that younger people die of other illnesses in general including ‘accidents’ which is the leading cause of death in young people.

As a physician, who knows people all over the country and internationally, I know of only one person who died of Covid in the entire pandemic. She was a distant relative in her 80’s, had a prior stroke and told her son months prior to her death that she was ready to die as her life was complete for her. None of my patients have died or needed to be hospitalized from Covid. In Buncombe County, (Asheville is the county seat of Buncombe) there have been 304 deaths in over 1 year from Covid. According to public county statistics of the last 4 year average recorded death rate in the county, this is less than 10% of the deaths in the county on an annual basis. Again, the vast majority of those who died here were in very poor health and/or very close to the end of their lives (per whatever public statistics and information I could glean from hospital based physicians I know).

Also, remember that in Asheville we have a local population of about 90,000 people and we had millions of tourists visit here in the last year from all over America and all over the world. If this disease was so prominent and catastrophic how could we have so little real impact from the disease? What I mean is the real numbers and effects of death and disability from the virus are not in the catastrophic range. Businesses where large numbers of people are in close proximity every day like grocery and hardware stores, airports in the region, have been operating well and all the people who worked there last year seem to be healthy and I see the same faces still working there now. The economic impact of closed businesses, job losses and social isolation from the political and ‘public health’ department decisions are a separate issue.

I want to be clear, I do not minimize death and illness for those who were effected here or anywhere in the world. I spend my life helping people with health challenges and I have seen death and disease in my family and every community and every hospital I have been in for the past 35 years. Just putting things perspective, actual real world impacts, versus the distorted media portrayal of events.

Your Risk from the Disease are Low

For the vast majority of people, the risks of death or long term complications from this disease are low (less than 1% and likely even much lower than that). It is important to mention that their numbers are in persons who have not prepared their immune system to prevent infection and who did not treated their Covid before getting into dire straights and being hospitalized.

I want you to be aware that the public health recommendation is that the only treatment in the community is intravenous anti-bodies as an out patient (in your doctor’s office), which by the way are NOT available. So actually, per the ‘experts’, there are no available treatments. For persons who prepare for living in a well advertised pandemic (e.g. by making sure their vitamin D an zinc levels are adequate in their bodies and generally take good care of their health) and who treat this disease as soon as it starts, the risks are vanishingly small. Based on clinical experience with the virus by doctors who are treating it, taking the proactive approach puts the risk of Covid infection in a baseline, relatively healthy person getting hospitalized or long haul Covid or death at likely less than 1/1000. Not zero but very low especially when you take information below into account.

Actually There Are Effective Treatments for This Disease

There are many things one can do to help prevent and treat this disease that are very effective to shorten the course of the illness and prevent hospitalization and “long haul Covid.” Part of the real travesty of the ‘pandemic’ is that this information is not being emphasized or shared by ‘public health’ officials. Worse yet, this information is being censored by the media and social media platforms so people are having a hard time finding it. I have seen valid scientific studies censored in the name of protecting the public! Please see past newsletters, and blogs on this for detailed information on treating and preventing COVID at home. (Also see summary at the end below).

Common sense and time tested medical experience help us know that leading a healthy life style, staying away from sick people and areas where infection rates are high, and doing some basic preparation are all very helpful. Be smart, take care. Get your sleep, exercise, only eat healthy food, partake in reasonable social activities. It is very helpful for your immune system and overall health to be socially connected even with immediate family or one or two close friends. (Yes, avoid large crowds and people who are sick). Also, keep a balance in media exposure and avoid the fear porn that is put out daily. Connection, contentment, meaningful activities, and joy all improve immune function. Fear and anger severely depress immune function. Social isolation is one of the highest predictors of premature death. This has been shown to be profoundly true in hundreds of scientific studies. This is good medicine based in scientific fact and common sense. At a minimum, keep up your Vitamin D and zinc levels. When exposed to viruses if you have enough vitamin D (blood levels in the high 30’s range) it will turn on genes in your white blood cells when they are exposed to viruses that make anti-viral proteins. Your body uses zinc to shut down the corona virus’s ability to reproduce itself. People with low zinc levels are more prone to lose their taste and smell if infected with Covid, and seem to be more likely to have long term symptoms. Everyone I have treated who lost their sense of taste and smell had them about back in 7 days or less by taking extra zinc.

About Emergency Authorized Vaccines (EAVs)


As of this writing, there are at least 3 ‘vaccines’ for Covid-19 that are authorized for emergency use in the USA. There are NO approved vaccines for Covid as the level of safety testing required by law has not been reached for any of these products to be approved by the FDA. The FDA package inserts that doctors should be familiar with state this very clearly.

The Pfizer and Moderna messenger RNA (mRNA) type of vaccine has never been used before in humans so in a real sense they are still experimental. These mRNA products work by sending artificially made mRNA into every cell in the body. The mRNA then codes for our cells to make the spike proteins of the SARS-CoV2 virus. These proteins then go out into our blood stream and interact with immune cells. The immune cells make anti-bodies against those proteins. If the person who had one of vaccines is later exposed to the virus, the anti-bodies to the spike protein will help neutralize the virus and also make other proteins and chemical messengers including inflammatory cytokines to make an immune response to stop the virus.

It is very important to understand that these vaccines protect the person receiving them from a Covid infection that gets deeper into their body. By the available evidence they have been shown to decrease hospitalization from Covid by 80-90%, good news. No decrease in deaths from Covid 19 were found in either of these studies as zero of the more than 36,000 persons in the placebo arms died of Covid-19.

I could NOT find evidence that these EAVs protect the person from getting Covid or from being able to spread Covid. The manufacturer’s did not claim this or demonstrate this in their studies. This has been claimed by politicians and the media but studies do not support this. Even in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine described below, which claims there might be a reduction in getting the virus in vaccinated persons, the claim was qualified to make clear the data was from very few persons in the study over a short period of time and was labeled as preliminary (not definitive).

So REALIZE, if you get the vaccine it protects you. It does not necessarily protect others. This is a common misperception in large part spread by some public health officials and the press. Recently, the CDC said if someone is vaccinated they do not need to wear a mask in certain situations that an unvaccinated person does, and they do not need to quarantine or get a Covid test if they have a known exposure to Covid, when an unvaccinated person should in the same circumstances. My review of the evidence and the reports of many experts shows this is not supported based on the known science here.

Whatever the policy, vaccinated and unvaccinated people who are exposed to SARS Cov2 should be given the same guidelines. When asked to explain this, a molecular biologist, stated that this is because these vaccines do not provide mucosal immunity. This means you can still get the virus on a mucous membrane (nose, sinus, mouth, GI tract) and spread it from there because you are not protected or immune in that part of your body.

There is no validity to the idea of getting the vaccine as a form of ‘virtue signaling’. This is the idea seen in many media articles and social media posts where we are being told to get the vaccine to protect other people who may be vulnerable. You hear or see things like, “I got the vaccine to protect other people and if you were a good person you would do that too.” Based on the science I have seen this is NOT supported by the evidence. It appears to be a psychologically coercive measure of trying to shame people into doing something for some reason other than the stated reason.


The Johnson and Johnson DNA vaccine research is new. This was the most recently emergency authorized vaccine (late February 2021). This EAV works more like a traditional vaccine and uses the SARS-CoV2 spike protein combined with an inactive DNA adenovirus. This type of vaccine was used only once before, with the Ebola virus.

The data on this vaccine also looks promising in reducing severe forms of Covid-19 in persons who later become infected with the virus. There were no deaths from Covid in the vaccine group and 7 reported Covid deaths in the placebo group. It is interesting to note that all 7 Covid deaths occurred in South Africa and none in the US or the Brazil groups. For severe disease, which includes people who were sick enough with COVID- 19 to require medical intervention, but recovered without hospitalization, the efficacy was about 85 percent across the board in Brazil, South Africa and the U.S.

About Risks of the Emergency Authorized Vaccines Potential and Already Seen

According the the CDC, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which was set up as part of US law in 1986, there have been many reports of serious incidents and death from the these emergency use vaccines. See the table below. 2,050 deaths, 7,456 emergency visits to doctors or hospitals and 4,442 hospitalizations related to the emergency authorized vaccines (EAV’s) as of March 19,2021. On one hand, VAERS data may be over reporting in the sense that not all of these cases have been verified as being caused by the EAV’s. On the other hand, this data is known to seriously under report issues because most doctors do no know about the data base and do not know how to report to it. These numbers are also likely to be very under reported as there are other mechanisms for reporting that are not linked to the VAER’s data base. This leaves us with incomplete information.

To help clarify the situation, the CDC has been asked to link all the reporting mechanisms into one data base but has refused to do so. The CDC has also been asked who is investigating the adverse reports and deaths and how they are investigating them. They have also, as of the time of this writing, refused to answer these questions. As the CDC is a public tax payer funded governmental agency, I find it unconscionable that they do not consider themselves responsible to the American public, and are not transparent in their activities as a federal governmental public health institution.

It is also important to note that the media ignores this data and frequently claims there are not serious side effects of the EAV’s. Like is death not a serious negative effect! New York State and the State of Michigan have also been sued for making the same claim of no negative effects of the EAVs in public campaigns to get people to take the EAV’s. Both states immediately removed the claims after the legal suits were brought.

One of the deaths reported is of a previously healthy 56 year old gynecologist in Florida who died of an immune reaction to his blood cells (linked to other vaccines) after one of the mRNA vaccines. He died after days of treatment in a hospital ICU. Another death was in a previously healthy 36 year old orthopedic surgeon in Memphis who died of multi-system inflammatory disease (MIS) after one of the mRNA vaccines. I also know of a previously healthy 25 year old woman who received one of mRNA EAVs to go back to work as a teacher, and had sudden onset of 28 blood clots in her lung midday, a massive heart attack an hour later and was declared brain dead before the end of the day. I am also aware of a previously healthy 27 year old man in the Air Force who collapsed into total paralysis and a coma after one of the mRNA EAV’s and then had 40 seizures and was left the next day with only the ability to partially move his right hand. As I was writing this I just heard from an old friend that his brother died of sudden breathing complications 5 days after getting an EAV. The last there are from personal contacts of mine and were not found in the media.


There have been reports of second trimester pregnancy losses after getting EAVs including, again, in a physician. Other concerning issues are many reports of women having either severe menstrual bleeding after EAVs or marked changes in their menstrual periods such as severe and for them unusual cramping or early periods or other cycle changes. There have also been reports of many women having ‘abnormal’ mammograms after receiving EAV’s. The abnormal mammograms were attributed to breast or lymph gland inflammation and were expected to normalize over tiime. Below please find information on this from the University of Virginia Medical School. For screening (routine) mammograms it is recommended to wait 4 to 6 weeks after the second dose of the mRNA EAVs to have this test as there is a 10-15% chance of a false positive mammogram if you have the test soon after the EAV’s. This means the mammogram can look like cancer when it is not. If a woman needs a diagnostic mammogram (there is already concern for cancer) the mammogram should not be delayed.

Related more specifically to the J&J vaccine:

It is important to note that there were adverse effects seen in the vaccination group that were not seen in the placebo group.

6 cases of neurologic problems in the vaccine group including:

  • 1 brain hemorrhage due to uncontrollable blood clotting even after 2 brain procedures, in a previously healthy 25 year old man
  • 1 case of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) which did NOT resolve in a 60 year old man (Mayo Clinic: GBS is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body.) Remember this is a reported vaccine injury that was a big deal in the swine flu vaccine in the 1970’s. No GBS in the placebo group.
  • 1 case of brachial neuritis (inflammation and pain in nerves to the arm) J&J itself attributed this to the vaccine and it was later reclassified as injection site pain (pain in the muscle). These two things would be extremely hard to confuse and to later claim it was misdiagnosed is very suspicious to me.
  • 2 cases of facial paralysis.
  • 1 case of inflammation around the heart

6 cases of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) after the vaccine

  • None of these occurred in the placebo group
  • There were also 50% more blood clots in the vaccine group 15 vs. 10 and 1 case of a blood clot in the pulmonary artery (blood vessel from lung to heart)(never heard of this in my 35 years in clinical medicine) in the vaccine group. Note that blood clotting and inflammation of blood vessels is a known issue with SARS Cov2 and comes from the bodies reaction to the spike protein (the vaccine works off the bodies response to the spike protein).
  • Not counting the ringing in the ears effect, that makes 12/21,895 having serious or life altering/threatening conditions is 1 out of every 1,825 persons vaccinated. This seems very significant to me.
  • Also angioedema (severe swelling from leakage of fluid from blood vessel into body tissues, similar to but more severe than hives) in 28 of the vaccine group vs. 8 in the placebo (another issue of an excess of 1 case per 1,094 persons vaccinated)

Are these issues random, expected or dismissible as ‘anecdotal reports? No! It is important to note that the mechanism of these injuries fits with the known effects of how the SARS Cov2 spike protein can act as a super antigen which activates our T-cells. Research at the University of Pittsburgh (my medical school) showed the protein sequence and structure of the SARS Cov2 spike protein was found to be strikingly similar to the protein sequence and structure of the Staph bacteria that causes toxic shock syndrome by the same mechanism. The effect can lead to a cytokine storm, multi system inflammatory disease, micro blood clots all over the body and death by total body organ system failure (as in the case of the 25 year old above). Her organ failure was so comprehensive that her doctors told the family none of her organs was in good enough shape to donate them before they turned off the life support.

Another concern with the mRNA EAV’s is that we do not know how long the synthetic mRNA continues to code for and induce the cells in the human body to keep making the spike protein. In the original mRNA cell culture study, cells were found to continue to make the codes for proteins up to and 2 months after inoculation. Normally mRNA is degraded after it makes the proteins it codes for. However with synthetic mRNA, the part of the molecule that is responsible for this, is not in the synthetic mRNA so it can stay around longer than normal. To me, this would be like if you sent someone a letter or an email and instead of them getting it once it keeps showing up in their mailbox daily for 2 months or who knows how long. This is not normal. I have seen claims by people and hospitals that the mRNA stops coding for proteins in 72 hours or less. However, this again seems to be based on mRNA made normally in the body, not the artificial incomplete mRNA which in lab studies did not breakdown and stop coding for the corona virus proteins. Moderna, on their website, claims their mRNA products are the new operating systems of your body. I am more comfortable sticking with the God given, nature tested operating system my body was designed with until we know more about this.


Do your due diligence and do your best to understand as much as you need to before making any serious decision in your life. Above, I have done my best to look at the scientific data AND what is clearly observable in my world experience and what I can glean from intelligent discussion with my patients, colleagues and experts in the field. This is not a pitch for or against the EAV’s. Those of you who know me well know that my intention is always for the well being of my loved ones including all of my patients. I have been know to say “The job picks the tool.” My best reasoning on all levels is to start with what we know is effective and safe. When the risks of serious illness, long term effects and death of the disease are, for the average person (generally healthy / without serious medical conditions) very low, and the known treatments are effective (based on actual real world experience and known to work for decades in similar illnesses) and safe, I start there.

For those wondering about the risk benefit analysis for your individual situation it is best to speak with your health professional who knows you well, and also to be aware of all of the above. If you have several or severe health problems (co-morbities) it may make sense to get the vaccine.

I recommend against the EAVs for pregnant women as this has NOT been studied. The FDA would never recommend an experimental drug to any pregnant woman unless there was an obvious compelling reason like to save the mother’s or baby’s life and there was a reasonable expectation of safety. As above, there have been reports of second trimester pregnancy loss after EAVs and we have no data to show they are safe for the baby (not studied). Administering drugs that are untested in pregnancy is unprecedented. In my professional opinion it is wildly irresponsible for public health officials to recommend an EAV in pregnancy.

It also does not make sense to get and EAV is one already had Covid. With the exception of the flu vaccine we never give a vaccine to a person who had a disease. More importantly is the potential issue of what is called ‘pathogenic priming’. This has been spoken about by a molecular biologist and an immunologist has written to the FDA, CDC and Pfizer about this several times warning about this potential. Interestingly he never received a response from any of them. Remember, the spike proteins of the SARS CoV2 virus are extremely inflammatory and can cause blood clots and inflammation in blood vessels and any place in the body. This is what causes the severe Covid cases that everyone wants to avoid. If one’s immune system is already ‘primed’ to recognize the spike protein, meaning there are already natural anti-bodies circulating in the body, then there could be a catastrophic inflammatory event if one gets an EAV, especially soon after, having Covid. This is what very likely killed the previously healthy 36 year old surgeon mentioned above. When his doctors tried to find out why he had multi system inflammatory disease they found that he had both native and vaccine induced anti-bodies to SARS Cov2. He had an asymptomatic Covid infection before getting the mRNA EAV. This is why a few scientists are recommending not giving the EAV’s to persons who recently had Covid and to test people to see if they have antibodies to Covid before administering an EAV. The 25 year old teacher mentioned above also died of MIS (multisystem inflammatory disease) after an mRNA EAV and all of her organs were so damaged none of them could be donated after she was declared brain dead. These are rare events but death in previously healthy young adults is very significant and as Hippocrates said, and doctors are sworn to do, “First, do no harm.”

In the end it is all about ethics, moral and legal obligations and informed consent.

  • We cannot have informed consent if the person asking for our consent is not informed.
  • We also cannot have informed consent if we are not informed due to withholding of all
    the relevant information.
  • It is also not true consent if you are threatened with the loss of your Constitutional Rights, or be able to move freely in society, or to be able go to work or travel if you do not consent to a procedure on your body. This is additionally problematic if such forcing of an invasive procedure on a person will not have a major demonstrable effect on the health of others.

Be smart, be brave. Make your decisions as informed decisions. I am sorry due to overwhelming volume of requests I get on a daily basis I am not available for consultations on COVID-19 except to existing clients. I hope the above is helpful both in terms of information and in supporting critical thinking and self responsibility with regard to the preciousness of our health and in life in general.

Wishing you the Best Always,

Yours Truly,
Mark Hoch, MD DABIHM

As promised above:

Yes you can treat COVID-19.

According to scientific studies and a decades long history of successful use by many holistic doctors, natural remedies tend to improve this type of viral infection much more quickly and shorten the duration and severity of symptoms of infection by several days more than medications (Remdesivir in this case). Not only are natural remedies more effective for viral treatment, they are also much safer and much less expensive.

NOTE: If you have mild symptoms, fever, sore throat, congestion, some body aches, loose bowels use the protocol below. Do not go to urgent care or the emergency room. If you are very sick with strong cough, debilitation, shortness of breath then consult your doctor immediately as it may be very important to be seen at the doctor or hospital urgently in those cases.

#1.  Do not waste time.  If you are getting sick take care of yourself immediately.

The best way to prevent immediate and long term complications of an infection is to get on top of it quickly and get over it before you get very sick. Think of it this way. If you have a small fire in your house it is best to put it out immediately instead of waiting until a large part of your house has burned down and then call 911.

At the first sign of stuffy nose, sore throat, sinus drainage, cough, body aches: Follow these steps. You will find details on how to do them below, see my blog  www.markhochmd.com/blog  for information on  how to get the recommended products.

  • Limit exposure to others
  • Decrease the viral load in your system at the port of entry so it doesn’t go deeper into your body: use nasal irrigation and throat rinses that wash away or kill the virus where it enters your system. That will minimize the chance of spread of virus down to the lungs where it starts causing the big problems.

Kill the virus: Vitamin C.

Ramp up your immune system: Use herbs to fight it from the inside by supporting your immune system which is designed to help you deal with infections. Increase your Zinc to 50mg  twice a day with food.  Helps your body shut down the virus’s ability to reproduce.  This is generally known for viruses and also published studies on the first SARS corona virus showed zinc did this.

Nasal Irrigation

You can do this 2 to 3 times a day with a bulb syringe, a neti pot or even a small cup. Nasal irrigation is important because it washes the virus out of your nose. It also washes away the things that cause your nose to swell up. To start, you’ll need to sterilize your neti pot or syringe with hot water. Then you can prepare your nasal irrigation solution:

  • 6 ounces of filtered or bottled water warmed up to body temperature (not hot!)
  • add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt or table salt
  • add a inch of baking soda (not baking powder which contains aluminum)
  • Using the neti pot or syringe, you will tilt your head sideways over the sink and pour half of the solution into your right nostril while breathing through your mouth. Let it run out the other side of your nose or down into the back of your mouth and spit it out. Repeat with the other half of the solution into your left nostril.

Throat Rinses

Gargle with 3% hydrogen peroxide for 5 to 10 seconds every 4 hours (daytime) for the first day. You can get this at a pharmacy or grocery store. This will kill the virus in your throat where it multiplies. Gargling with salt water may help you feel better but will not kill the virus.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C kills viruses in experiments and in human bodies.  In high doses has been shown to knock out a flu infection in 12 to 48 hours.  I have seen this over and over again for over 20 years.

Look for powdered, (Buffered better tolerated) vitamin C as you will need high doses for a serious viral infection. Take 2000 mgs. as often as every 2 hours and if getting sicker even every 30 minutes. For children ages 6-12 years use 1000mg at same intervals and if 2 to 6 years old 500mg at the same intervals. If it causes loose bowels decrease the dose. Vit. C capsules are fine too but you will have to take several at a time so look for 500mg or larger capsule if you go that route.

I do not recommend Emergen-C as it has only 500 mg of C, and contains sugar, which suppresses the immune system.

When your body needs vitamin C you can take very high doses with no ill effects (over dosing when healthy can cause loose bowels) I have taken 24,000 mg per day and others have taken doses as high as 2000mg every 6 minutes to treat active pneumonia. That was over 50,000mg per day with no ill effects.

Immune Support

Rapid Immune Response combination herbal supplement, made by Gaia Herbs. For adults: take 2 capsules, 5 times a day for 2 days. For children ages 6-12: take 1 capsule, 5 times a day for 2 days. Again start as soon as you have symptoms. OTC version of this is Quick Defense.


Astragalus / Echinacea Compound By David Winston (Herbalist and Alchemist). Take 60 drops (2 droppers full) 4 times a day for adults. Astragalus has been found to be very helpful by both western and Chinese herbal practitioners for COVID-19 If you cannot get either of these then High dose of Gaia’s Echinacea Supreme tincture (take highest dose recommended on bottle) immune support, and Gaia’s Black Elderberry Syrup (highest dose on bottle) anti-viral or another high quality brand like HerbPharm. Studies show that Echinacea must be of high quality and high dose to work. Liquid Echinacea should make your tongue and throat really tingle. It that doesn’t happen you have a low quality brand or way too low of a dose.

Other good places to find immune support products are through reputable Chinese Medicine practitioners and Naturopathic doctors (ND’s) who trained at 4 year accredited colleges of naturopathic medicine.

My colleagues in these professional areas have also reported excellent results with their treatment protocols.

Course of Treatment:

Continue the above remedies until you feel better (back to normal), which is often in just 2-3 days if you start at the first sign of infection, versus 7 to 14 days if you wait until you have a full-blown infection.  People following this or similar protocols have done very well.  Doctors in NY and CA and TX have treated 300 to 500+ patients (each doctor) without anyone having to go to the hospital.

Blessing for Health
– MH

UVA Medical School

Mammograms & the COVID Vaccine FAQs

About 10-15% of people who have the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine get enlarged lymph nodes under their arm. Breast cancer can also cause swollen nodes under the arm. Because of this, many women have questions and concerns about getting incorrect mammogram results.

I have swollen lymph nodes under my arm. How do I know if this is breast cancer or a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine?
You can’t know. Enlarged lymph nodes under the arm show up in about 10-15% of people after getting vaccinated for COVID-19. They’re also a sign of breast cancer. Only with mammograms or other screening tools can we know for sure what you have.

Do both COVID-19 vaccines cause swollen lymph nodes?

Yes. About 10-15% of people who get either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine get bigger lymph nodes under the arm.

I’ve had my COVID-19 vaccine. Should I wait before getting a screening mammogram?

You can. Schedule your screening mammogram 4-6 weeks after your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. If you choose not to wait, just know that you could have enlarged lymph nodes that need more testing.

I’ve heard that the COVID-19 vaccine can cause a false positive on a mammogram. How can I avoid that?

To avoid possible extra tests, you can either schedule your screening mammogram:

  • Before your first dose of the vaccine
  • Or 4-6 weeks after the second dose

If you need a diagnostic mammogram, don’t wait. You need a diagnostic mammogram if you have a:

  • Breast cancer symptom
  • Current breast problem
  • Recent abnormal mammogram

We’d rather catch breast cancer early than miss it just to avoid having to do an extra test.