Professional Grade Supplements and Herbs

For Your Health and Safety

Our goal is to offer the most effective and highest quality supplements and herbs available on the market today.  Not all nutritional/herbal supplements are created equal and not all companies are of equal integrity.   Dr. Hoch has been studying, researching, and clinically testing the effectiveness of nutritional supplements since 1991.

All products offered here have been vetted for quality, purity and dosage.  We investigate the companies we recommend to ensure that you get exactly what you need:  the exact product, in the purest and most bioavailable form, the exact dose, and no allergens or unsafe ingredients or toxins.   Once quality is assured, we look for the best price for our patients.

Unfortunately, studies show that many products on the market do not contain the active ingredients that they claim to.  Other products sometimes had potentially harmful ingredients like the wrong herb, adulterated components, toxic ingredients or allergens like wheat in “wheat free” products.  This is a serious problem.  Know that we put your health and safety #1 when we select products to meet your health needs.

About what goes into Dr. Hoch’s professional selections:

  • 25 years of clinical experience in Integrative/ Holistic Medicine;  This includes following the results of how the products actually work in people’s lives and what effects they have on Lab tests and results. (e.g. blood sugar, hormones, inflammation…)
  • Attending dozens of professional conferences focused on holistic/integrative/functional medicine, nutrition, and herbalism.
  • Researching companies that make professional/ pharmaceutical grade health products to make sure they have top standards.
  • Setting up office formularies in several clinical settings since 1994.
  • Working on a team of physicians and manufacturers putting together and clinically testing supplements at the Atkins Center in New York City.
  • Conferring with colleagues around the country who are at the top of their fields (professionals in various fields, medical specialists, lab directors, authors…)  on our experiences and discussing clinical effects and unusual cases to help each other provide the best care to our patients.


Not everyone needs supplements or needs supplements all the time.  However, often health is compromised by a lack of critical nutrients, or a biochemical or metabolic pathway that has gone awry due to a disease state, injury or toxic or infectious exposure or genetic susceptibility.

Recommendations for the best supplements and herbs for each person can be made based on a careful evaluation of each person’s specific needs to re-establish health and optimize functioning and well being.   This begins with  a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s health history, family history and other risk factors, and a comprehensive physical exam.  Standard and cutting edge laboratory tests can also be used to assess nutrient and hormone levels in the body and how various metabolic/ biochemical processes are working.  Judicious use of testing can be very enlightening in this regard and also assess digestive functioning, gut health and toxic burdens.  This allows a skilled health professional to fine tune and customize a program based on each individual’s unique needs in general and for specific problems or risk factors.

Going forward periodic check ins and evaluations to make sure the desired response is attained is critical.  Reviews of symptoms and how one is feeling along with exams and follow up tests, if needed, can insure by many measures that one’s path is going toward better health and really working for them.

What People Are Saying

"I have no interest in taking drug company solutions to common ailments and more complex problems. After years of trying give up Nexium on by own I asked Dr Hoch and with his natural suggestions was able to give up Nexium. Next came blood pressure and cholesterol medication push from allopathic only doctor insisting these were the only option. Dr Hoch helped and vitamin/herb suggestions yielded normal  blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels. Later my back went out. Dr Hoch's traditional Osteopathic methods managed to have me up and running in one visit. Dr Hoch's whole body and being approach to helping me is very much appreciated. His vision and understanding of my entire interrelated healtH systems helps me every time I need help."