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Dr. Hoch is available to speak and conduct workshops on the many aspects of health. See Real Medicine Series below.

Cultivating the Intuitive Healer - June 1-3, 2018 in Asheville, NC


Cultivating the Intuitive Healer

Solid Foundations in Intuition and Energy Medicine For Your Best Self and Your Best Service
Asheville, North Carolina June 1-3, 2018

Are you called to a life of personal growth and spiritual service? Are you wondering how you can make a significant contribution to your own evolution and the progress of the planet? Are you ready to journey deeply into your own knowing and to allow your path to unfold?

We are delighted to announce that Mark Hoch, M.D., Co-Chair Past Presidents Council, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and Laura Kamm, world renowned medical intuitive, will be offering a weekend seminar in Asheville, North Carolina — Cultivating the Intuitive Healer. This empowering workshop will help you elevate your intuitive abilities as a healer for your personal and professional growth and healing.

Combined, Mark and Laura have over 60 years of experience in the fields of integrative medicine, energy medicine, the healing arts, and medical intuition. We have worked collaboratively for the past 20 years, breaking new ground in the fields of health and healing and the functional application of medical intuition.

This workshop is for health professionals and healers looking to hone your skills to provide cutting edge service to your clients and all seekers of self discovery and spiritual evolution.

Our intention is to provide you with knowledge from ancient wisdom traditions, science, as well as our professional experience. You will walk away with practical tools to cultivate your intuitive skills in energy medicine for your self and for your highest service to others.

The inherent nature of intuition always alerts us to what is arising now, what is needed, and what is next. When we are truly aware of our deepest knowing we can take the highest action. Never before have we as human beings been more ready to dive deep within, access and integrate intuitive skills in our own lives, and contribute to the greater good. Our nervous systems and our culture are burdened by reliance on external technologies and the current dysfunctional structures. Let’s move to the next level by taking the opportunity to fully awaken our inner knowing and come back into balance and harmony.

Learning Objectives

The skills offered in this workshop will inspire you to new levels of self discovery and conscious evolution to support your personal and professional path as an intuitive healer.

We will give you Solid Foundations in Intuition and Energy Medicine and an opportunity to develop deep skills in how to use and apply intuitive information as well as time to practice skills.
We will also offer question and discussion time with Laura and Mark about your experiences in this training and about their intuitive, clinical and healing experiences of each of our works over the past 25+ years.

The topics of this course will include the following:

  • Establishing the foundations of intention and ethics
  • The systems of Energy Medicine including energy structure and function of the human energy field
  • Intuitive Learning PreferencesSM
  • The common energetic structures of disease
  • The Hierarchy of Intuitive PerceptionSM
  • The Structure of IntuitionSM
  • Knowing the difference between wishful thinking vs intuition
  • How to get a better sense of the source and value of information coming to your awareness.
  • Advancing self-care and patient-care using intuition and energy medicine
  • Navigating mystical experiences and spiritual awakenings
  • Essential life-long tools for the Intuitive Healer
  • The role self-esteem plays in your energy system and conscious evolution
End of Life Issues: Sacred Process of Death and Dying - Professional Tools, Practical Wisdom Fall 2017

Dr. Hoch presented this 2 hour workshop for health professionals with Bill Manahan, MD his Co-Chair of the Past Presidents Council of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine at the Academy’s annual conference in San Diego on October 24, 2017.  

Shafiyy Institute Series Fall 2017

Dr. Hoch participated with the Shafiyy Institute in a series on Getting to the Heart of Cancer.  Watch Dr. Mark Hoch's interview above.

Southeast Integrative Medicine Conference 2017

Dr. Hoch attended the Southeast Integrative Medicine conference here in Asheville in June 2017.

Upcoming REAL MEDICINE Series: Tending the Gardens of Your HEALTH

Physical Health


  • Healthy Diet and Food Choices
  • Exercise
  • Internal Arts Exercises /  Qi gong for physical health and vitality
  • Sleep
  • Detoxification
Emotional Health


  • Understanding our feelings
  • Being comfortable with our feelings and how to use the information our feelings give us to understand what is going on for us and how to navigate our inner landscape
  • Understanding the difference between the in-born/pre-programmed feelings of affect versus the socially conditioned/mentally constructed feelings of emotion and how to use these to navigate through life
Mental Health


  • Understanding how we make meaning from our life experience.
  • How thoughts and belief systems affect our health either enhancing it or depleting it.
  • Advanced mindfulness
  • Intention and how to direct ourselves toward a healthy / positive goal versus merely avoiding what is not healthy for us or moving in unhealthy directions.
  • Practicing paying attention to what is going on. Maintaining attention on your goal, and how to self correct when you go off course.
Social Health


  • The importance of healthy relationships and social networks to our well-being
  • Healthy ways to relate to others and in groups to foster trust, cooperation, high functioning and mutual support
Environmental Health


  • Healthy environments at home and workplace
  • Creating beneficial energy in your environment
  • Avoiding toxins in foods, cosmetics, home, and yard chemicals
  • Being aware of health effects of electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and ways to mitigate negative their effects
Spiritual Health


  • Understanding and being in touch with the ‘more hidden’ spiritual side of our being / Soul
  • Unity Consciousness and Service.
  • Differentiating self-care and its importance to all aspects of health vs. the pitfalls of division/ separation consciousness if the focus is on self service at the expense of everyone else.
  • Practices to help be aware of and maintain conscious connection to Source
  • Tools to track internal processing. How to learn / know the sources of internal and external (incoming) information.  Learning to only listen to the beneficial sources.
  • Practicing discernment to whether we are on the Right path or going in the wrong direction.
  • Practices of returning responsibly to the right path when we notice we are off without getting caught in guilt, self attack  and loss of self-esteem.  
Workshops on Specific Health Issues


  • Heart Health - Cardiovascular disease and cholesterol
  • Bone Health - Osteoporosis
  • Metabolic Health - Diabetes
  • Hormone Health - Thyroid problems, Hormones for women, and Hormones for Men
  • Fatigue/Burnout/Adrenal problems
  • Healthy Aging
  • Self-care and Intuition
End of Life Issues


  • Death as a normal and natural part of life.  
  • Contrasting with society and medical professions idea of death as enemy, a defeat, a failure.
  • Importance of being in the flow of normal life rhythms and processes. Maximizing our experience vs. fighting the natural order.
  • What is important to you about your life and death and how you want others to care for you and carry out your wishes.
  • Clarity: to direct the many voices of family, medical, legal. Limit confusion and stress of others.  Discussion of legal documents to have in order now.
  • Best use of resources that fits your values and budget for care after death.

What People Are Saying

"Mark has extraordinary skills as a healer.  He is able to listen deeply in order to discern the most effective point of intervention for an issue or a symptom.  He has a wealth of knowledge and skills from traditional and alternative medicine from which he is able to draw.  Perhaps, most importantly, Mark is compassionate, responsive, and genuine.  I have had a consistent experience of being seen and heard as a whole person, with very positive health outcomes."

Sherry Kramer, PHD

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